What To Know About Lunar New Year The Year Of The Dragon

What To Know About Lunar New Year The Year Of The Dragon

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The Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year or Spring Celebration, is quite possibly one of the most significant and widely celebrated comprehensive developments on the planet. Every Chinese year is associated with a specific animal, and 2024 marks the extended time of the winged serpent. This is the very thing that you want to be familiar with this propitious event and the imagery behind the Mythical serpent:

The Year of the Dragon

In the Chinese zodiac, the Mythical serpent is the main amazing animal among the twelve creatures. It is an indication of influence, strength, and favorable luck. Individuals brought into the world in the Extended period of the Mythical serpent are accepted to acquire these attributes, making it quite possibly the most adored sign in Chinese crystal gazing.

Significance of Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is praised by billions of individuals all over the planet, especially those of Chinese plunge. It denotes the start of the lunar schedule and is a period for family gathering, devouring, and regarding progenitors. The celebrations commonly keep going for 15 days, with every day holding exceptional traditions and customs.

Preparations and Traditions

Weeks before the Lunar New Year, families start arrangements by cleaning their homes to clear away any misfortune and clear a path for favorable luck. They additionally design their homes with red lamps, couplets, and other favorable images. Conventional food varieties like dumplings, fish, and tacky rice cakes are ready and delighted in during the festivals.

Lion and Dragon Dances

One of the most notable parts of Lunar New Year festivities is the lion and mythical beast moves. Entertainers embellished in intricate outfits mirror the developments of these legendary animals, accepted to avoid underhanded spirits and bring thriving for the approaching year. crowd assemble to watch these dynamic and enthusiastic exhibitions on roads and public spaces.

What To Know About Lunar New Year The Year Of The Dragon

Fireworks and Firecrackers

Firecrackers and fireworks are a fundamental piece of Lunar New Year festivities. The boisterous commotions and brilliant lights are remembered to frighten off malicious spirits and bring the best of luck. Notwithstanding, lately, there has been developing worry over the ecological effect and well-being perils related to firecrackers, prompting limitations in certain areas.

What To Know About Lunar New Year The Year Of The Dragon

Red Envelopes (Hongbao)

During Lunar New Year, it is standard to give red envelopes containing cash (known as “hongbao” in Mandarin or “lai see” in Cantonese) to kids and unmarried people as an image of the best of luck and flourishing. How much cash given as a rule closes with an even digit, as odd numbers are related to memorial services.

Global Celebrations

While the Lunar New Year is well established in Chinese culture, it is commended by individuals of different identities and ethnicities around the world. Urban areas with huge Chinese people groups, like Hong Kong, Singapore, and San Francisco, have elaborate processions, celebrations, and social exhibitions to celebrate the new year.

Modern Traditions

Notwithstanding conventional traditions, current festivals of the Lunar New Year frequently incorporate trading gifts, watching broadcast occasion exhibitions, and sending good tidings using virtual entertainment stages. It is likewise a period for reflection, setting expectations for the year ahead, and investing quality energy with friends and family.


As the Time of the Winged Serpent unfurls, may it bring flourishing, happiness, and satisfaction to all who observe Lunar New Year. Whether you’re taking part in age-old customs or making new ones, may this propitious event be a period of recharging and gifts for yourself as well as your friends and family. Blissful Lunar New Year!


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