All Missing Person Dates & Locations in Persona 3 Reload

All Missing Person Dates & Locations in Persona 3 Reload



Persona 3, the dearest section in the Shin Megami Tensei series, has enraptured players overall with its drawing-in story, one-of-a-kind interactivity mechanics, and critical characters. The mysterious disappearances of individuals during the enigmatic Dark Hour, a period that most people don’t know about, are at the center of the story. In the upgraded variants of the game, Persona 3 FES: The Response, and Persona 3 Convenient, players are given a variety of missing individual cases to examine, developing the trick of the all-encompassing story. This article digs into each missing individual case, giving knowledge into the dates, areas, and meaning of these occurrences in Persona 3 Reload.

All Missing Person Dates & Locations in Persona 3 Reload

May 9th – Gekkoukan High School

Yuko Nishiwaki, a student at Gekkoukan High School, goes missing in Persona 3 early on, kicking off the investigation into the world of missing people. This underlying episode makes way for the player’s contribution in unwinding the secrets encompassing The Lost, touching off a need to get a move on and interest that drives the story forward.

June 9th – Paulownia Mall

As the schedule goes to June, another missing individual case arises, this time at Paulownia Shopping Center. Players should explore the tangled hallways of Tartarus, a transcending structure that emerges during the Dull Hour, as they look for hints to uncover the reality behind the vanishings tormenting their city.

July 7th – Tatsumi Port Island

On the seventh day of July, one more individual disappears from Tatsumi Port Island, developing the feeling of anxiety and premonition encompassing the Dim Hour. As time passes, the stakes develop higher as the player’s party digs further into the secrets of Tartarus looking for replies.

August 7th – Iwatodai Strip Mall

The late spring heat brings no rest from the rising recurrence of missing individual episodes, as another vanishing happens at the Iwatodai Strip Shopping Center on August seventh. Against the background of clamoring city roads and clamoring swarms, the player’s determination is tried as they stand up to the haziness hiding underneath the outer layer of their apparently customary world.

September 9th – Paulownia Mall (Second Incident)

As fall draws near, the shadows develop longer and the evenings hazier, flagging the event of one more missing individual episode at Paulownia Shopping Center on September ninth. With each new vanishing, the player’s party should face progressively strong enemies in Tartarus, stretching their abilities and capacities to the edge.

October 4th – Tziah Block, Tartarus

In Persona 3 FES: In the Response, players are given an extra missing individual case inside the bounds of Tartarus, adding another layer of intricacy to the game’s story. As the secrets encompassing The Lost develop, players should adjust their methodologies and strategies to explore the consistently moving scene of Tartarus.

November 6th – Yakushima

Persona 3 Compact presents another missing individual case set in the quiet setting of Yakushima, offering players a new point of view on the secrets encompassing The Lost. Against the setting of rich backwoods and quiet scenes, the player’s party should disentangle reality behind one more vanishing, uncovering mysteries concealed underneath the outer layer of this pure district.

December 3rd – Paulownia Mall (Third Incident)

The last missing individual episode in Persona 3 Reload happens at Paulownia Shopping Center on December third, denoting the summit of the player’s excursion into the core of obscurity. As strains arrive at their pinnacle and the destiny of humankind remains in a precarious situation, the player’s party should face a definitive test remaining among them and the reality behind The Lost.


All through Persona 3 Reload, the common subject of missing people fills in as a main thrust behind the player’s excursion, powering their assurance to reveal the reality behind the secrets of the Dim Hour. Players are drawn deeper and deeper into a web of deceit and intrigue with each new disappearance, which eventually leads to a decisive battle that will decide their world’s fate. As they explore the difficulties and hindrances that lie ahead, players should bridle the force of their personas and depend on their brains and assurance to unwind the privileged insights that take steps to consume them.


What happens if you don’t save people in Persona 3?

enormous characters can be lost perpetually and you will not have the option to maximize your Social Connection

How long do you have to rescue people in Tartarus?

until the next Full Moon

Is Persona 3 Reloaded out?

February 2, 2024

Does Persona 3 have a happy ending?

The genuine completion of Persona 3 happens when the player saves Ryoji in their last showdown on December 31.

Can you complete Tartarus in one day?

finishing Tartarus in one day is actually conceivable

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