Brock Lesnar Removed From Cover Of WWE 2K24 40 Years Of WrestleMania Edition

Brock Lesnar Removed From Cover Of WWE 2K24 40 Years Of WrestleMania Edition

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In a surprising turn of events, Brock Lesnar, the formidable WWE superstar, has been removed from the cover of the highly anticipated WWE 2K24: 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition. This decision has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community and has sparked intense speculation regarding the reasons behind this unexpected move.

Lesnar, known for his leading presence in the ring and imposing physique, has been a central figure in the WWE landscape for years. His reigns as WWE Champion and his unforgettable matches have solidified his status as one of the most iconic wrestlers of his generation. However, his sudden absence from the cover of the upcoming video game has raised eyebrows and stirred up a flurry of conjectures.

One possible explanation for Lesnar’s removal from the cover could be linked to recent controversies surrounding the wrestler. Over the years, Lesnar has been involved in various controversies both inside and outside the ring, including issues related to his conduct and contract disputes with WWE. These controversies may have influenced the decision-makers behind the WWE 2K24 game to distance themselves from Lesnar and opt for a different cover star.

Brock Lesnar Removed From Cover Of WWE 2K24 40 Years Of WrestleMania Edition

Another theory circulating among fans speculates that Lesnar’s removal could be part of a larger strategy by WWE to refresh its branding and image. With the wrestling landscape evolving rapidly and new stars emerging on the scene, WWE may be looking to reposition itself and showcase a diverse array of talent on its promotional materials, including video game covers. By featuring a different wrestler on the cover of WWE 2K24, the company could be signaling a shift towards promoting new faces and storylines to appeal to a broader audience.

Furthermore, Lesnar’s absence from the cover could also be attributed to logistical or contractual issues. Negotiations between Lesnar and WWE may have hit a roadblock, leading to his exclusion from the promotional campaign for the game. Alternatively, scheduling conflicts or other unforeseen circumstances could have played a role in the decision to remove Lesnar from the cover.

Regardless of the reasons behind Lesnar’s removal, WWE fans eagerly await news of his replacement on the cover of WWE 2K24: 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition. Speculation is rife within the community, with fans putting forward their own suggestions for who should grace the cover in Lesnar’s absence. From established stars to up-and-coming talents, the possibilities are endless, and the anticipation surrounding the reveal is palpable.


In conclusion, Brock Lesnar’s removal from the cover of WWE 2K24: 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition has sparked intense debate and speculation within the wrestling community. While the exact reasons for his exclusion remain unclear, fans are eagerly awaiting news of his replacement. They are eager to see how this development will impact the highly anticipated video game.


Why was Brock Lesnar removed from WWE 2K24?

According to reports, Lesnar is involved in a troubling lawsuit filed against WWE and Vince McMahon.

Who is Brock Lesnar’s sons?

Luke Lesnar

Is Brock Lesnar still in WWE 2K24?

Brock Lesnar has been taken out from the WWE 2K24 Forty Years of WrestleMania Release cover

What problem did Brock Lesnar have?

The diverticulitis

How strong is Brock Lesnar?

655 lbs

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