10 Best Early Game Personas To Get First In Persona 3 Reload

10 Best Early Game Personas To Get First In Persona 3 Reload



If you’ve been sucked into the rush of powerful story-telling, the day-to-day fun of social simulation, and the visceral combat of the dungeon-crawling sections of Persona 3 Reload, then you may want to pick up your tactics. This guide will dig into the details of summoning Personas and then list the ten best Personas you can obtain in the early game of Persona 3 Reload to give you a leg up in the beginning of your experience.

Orpheus: The Protagonist’s Companion

Orpheus is the protagonist’s initial Persona 3 Reload, representing the Fool Arcana. While it may seem basic at first, Orpheus can evolve into more powerful forms, making it essential to invest in its growth early on. By fusing Orpheus with other Personas, players can unlock potent skills and abilities, providing a solid foundation for future battles.

10 Best Early Game Personas To Get First In Persona 3 Reload

Pixie: Agile and Supportive

Persona 3 Reload Pixie, who comes from the Magician Arcana, is an excellent early-game pick. With Agility and Support skills that help heal and improve your party for encounters, Pixie keeps the party on its toes, ready to dash and get out of the way of oncoming damage with its agility.

Angel: Holy Offense and Healing

Angel belongs to the Justice Arcana, which combines holy damage attacks with healing spells. An early Angel gives your party versatility, allowing you to deal with all manner of enemies. You might need your healing spells to keep a party alive during very long explorations of a dungeon.

Apsaras: Water-based Domination

Apsaras is assigned to the Temperance Arcana and is ideal for attacking with water. She’s a great choice if you’re fighting an opponent who has an elemental weakness to water. You may also train her to heal your party members. Having Apsaras join your roster early in the game opens up more options for how to battle your enemies.

Jack Frost: Ice-Cold Efficiency

This one is Sora’s Persona 3 Reload, the Magician Arcana, based on Jack Frost and with ice-based attacks that take advantage of foes who have the elemental weakness to cold, and that super-cute facade belies some serious offensive prowess. Fusing Jack Frost into other Personas can reinforce their ice skills and, with enough training, evolve them into stronger Personas (like Mr Frosty above). This is a must-have to deal with the frosty fiends that often feature in battles.

10 Best Early Game Personas To Get First In Persona 3 Reload

Orobas: Firestorm Fury

Orobas, a Persona 3 Reload aligned with the Hierophant Arcana, specializes in fire-based attacks. Adding Orobas to your early-game roster ensures you have a reliable answer to enemies weak against fire. As you progress, fusing Orobas with other Personas will unlock even more devastating fire abilities, making it an essential pick for well-rounded elemental coverage.

Izanagi: Lightning Strikes

Izanagi is a powerful early-game Persona 3 Reload who focuses on electric attacks as a representation of the Fool Arcana. It gives it a strategic advantage in battles because its lightning abilities can take advantage of the weaknesses of various opponents. If you put money into Izanagi’s development, you can learn powerful electric skills and become more adept at facing various types of enemies.

Oberon: Enchanting Charm and Wind Abilities

Oberon, who belongs to the Emperor Arcana, has enchanting abilities and wind-based attacks that are one of a kind. Using Oberon right off the bat can assist with controlling experiences and reversing the situation of fights in support of yourself. Your strategy will be enhanced by its charming spells, which may temporarily render enemies ineffective.

10 Best Early Game Personas To Get First In Persona 3 Reload

Berith: Physical Dominance

Berith, having a place with the Hierophant Arcana, is an actual force to be reckoned with. Procuring Berith from the get-go in the game gives your group a Persona zeroed in on skirmish assaults, permitting you to dispatch enemies impervious to basic harm productively. With the right combination of decisions, Berith can become a much more impressive actual aggressor, becoming a solid resource in your fights.

Queen Mab: Bewitching Magic and Ice Skills

Sovereign Mab, addressing the Ruler Arcana, succeeds in both enchantment and ice-based assaults. She is a versatile asset in a variety of combat situations because early roster addition grants access to a variety of abilities. By combining Queen Mab with other Personas, you can gain access to even more potent magical abilities as you advance, establishing her as an essential team member.


In Persona 3 Reload, key Persona determination is central to progress in the misleading universe of Shadows. By focusing on obtaining these ten best early-game Personas, players can construct a balanced and intense group, prepared to confront the difficulties that lie ahead. Exploring different avenues regarding combinations and understanding the qualities and shortcomings of every Persona will engage players to redo their party to suit their favored playstyle, guaranteeing a charming and triumphant excursion through the mysterious universe of Persona 3 Reload.

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