Who is Turles in Dragon Ball? The Goku Look-Alike

Who is Turles in Dragon Ball? The Goku Look-Alike

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Today I Will Discuss With You Who is Turles in Dragon Ball? The Goku Look-Alike

No worries if you can read this whole blog of mine it will open the way for you to Who is Turles in Dragon Ball? The Goku Look-Alike

Character in the Dragon Ball franchise Turles is well-known for having a remarkable resemblance to Goku, the main character of the series. Nevertheless, despite having similar physical characteristics, Turles and Goku are unrelated. In the 1990 film “Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might,” Turles made his screen debut.

Background and Origin:

Who is Turles in Dragon Ball? The Goku Look-Alike

Saiyans, a strong and warrior race in the Dragon Ball universe, are what Turles is. Similar to Goku, Turles was born on the Saiyan homeworld of Planet Vegeta. To be clear, Turles is not the same as the elite Saiyan warriors like Vegeta and Nappa; rather, he is a lower-class Saiyan. Turles did not enjoy the same privileges or recognition as the upper-class Saiyans because of his lower status.


The most obvious thing about Turles is how much he looks like Goku. He has the same build, spiky black hair, and even wears an orange gi with the Turles Crusher Corps symbol on the chest. Because of the two characters’ striking visual resemblance, fans frequently get confused and mistake Turles for a villainous Goku.

The Turles Crusher Corps:

Turles is the commander of the Turles Crusher Corps, a band of mercenaries that scour and subjugate planets as they traverse the cosmos. Turles commands a group of different alien warriors who make up the Crusher Corps. Their objective is to gather the energy of the Tree of Might, a mysterious and potent tree that renders planets vulnerable to conquering by draining their life force.

The Tree of Might:

Turles’ mission to establish the Tree of Might on Earth is at the heart of the “Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might” film. The tree uses Earth’s energy to give Turles and his henchmen tremendous power, so this evil deed puts the planet in grave danger. To stop Turles and the threat posed by the Tree of Might, Goku and the Z Fighters must band together.

Conflict with Goku:

Who is Turles in Dragon Ball? The Goku Look-Alike

The movie’s high point is the fight scene involving Turles and Goku. Goku and Turles may look alike, but they are very different people. Unlike Goku, Turles has fully accepted his Saiyan nature and isn’t afraid to use any means necessary to accomplish his objectives. The two Saiyans demonstrate their strength and resolve in battle, with Goku coming out on top in the end.


Despite being most known for the film “The Tree of Might,” Turles has made a few brief appearances in other Dragon Ball media. The popularity of the character is further demonstrated by the numerous Dragon Ball video games, in which players take control of Turles and the Turles Crusher Corps to engage in combat with other series characters.


To sum up, Turles is a distinct and endearing character in the Dragon Ball series, partly because of his striking likeness to Goku and because he plays the antagonist in “The Tree of Might.” Although they may have similar physical features, Turles and Goku are very different characters with unique motivations and personalities, which makes Turles a valuable addition to the complex web of the Dragon Ball universe.

Who is Turles in Dragon Ball? The Goku Look-Alike

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Turles related to Goku in any way?

Turles and Goku are not related by blood. Their shared Saiyan ancestry is the reason they resemble each other.

2. What is the significance of the Tree of Might in Turles’ story?

The Tree of Might is a potent relic that bestows extraordinary strength but also poses a risk to global devastation. Turles utilized it to advance his ambition for dominance.

3. How does Turles’ arrival impact Gohan and the Z Fighters?

Because Turles resembles Goku so much, his arrival causes a confrontation with Gohan and the Z Fighters. This encounter paves the way for fierce combat.

4. What is the parallel between Turles and Goku’s backgrounds?

Turles and Goku have similar facial features and physical attributes because they are both from lower social classes among the Saiyans.

5. Are there other characters in the Dragon Ball series who resemble Goku?

Yes, Goku-like characters have shown up in a variety of timelines and scenarios, including Goku Black, which has added to the series’ complexity.

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